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Oct, 17


EasyAzure: Protection

Cuando la gente habla de la nube, automáticamente se empieza a hacer preguntas sobre la seguridad. Por algún motivo, el uso de la tecnología de la nube se asoció a esto, sobre todo de forma negativa y escéptica. Una de las preguntas más comunes es: “¿sus datos están seguros en la nube?”. En años anteriores, […]


Oct, 14


Embrace the Growing Demand for Hybrid Mobile Solutions

Integrated Solutions International (ISI) has been in business since 1992 and since its inception has specialized in mobile communication solutions ranging from field sales and field service to route accounting and transportation & logistics. If there’s one conversation VP of Sales Mike Sweeney has gotten comfortable with over the years it’s explaining the long-term value (i.e. TCO) of […]


Oct, 14


Identify Your Most Profitable Customers, Business Practices

After years of helping customers solve various IT and business problems, it’s easy to become an IT “jack of all trades.” This was the situation break-fix VAR turned MSP Onsupport found itself in 2008 when the recession hit. As new business opportunities became harder to come by, the service provider knew it had to make some difficult […]


Sep, 14

Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss the “Most-Hyped Technology of 2014″

I remember early in my IT writing career covering the AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) space and hearing about RFID (radio frequency identification). I was certain that by 2005, barcodes would be ancient history and everything would be automated thanks to RFID tags and transponders. Nearly 10 years later, barcodes are still the de facto standard […]

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