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The Smarter Way to Provide Cloud Education


Oct, 14

The Smarter Way to Provide Cloud Education

Any IT cloud3service provider (ITSPs) who’s been selling cloud services longer than a week can attest to the fact that there’s a lot of confusion and wrong information about the cloud that has to be dealt with before one can discuss specific cloud services and costs. Some ITSPs think that the only way to educate clients is to do it all themselves. If you look at many of  the “free” educational resources available, which are loaded with self-promotional marketing collateral, it’s easy to understand why many resellers feel this way.

Ingram Micro is taking action to help ITSPs resolve this issue. Earlier this month, the value-added distributor and cloud services provider produced its first in a series of webcasts that contained no vendor endorsements. Even the moderator of the webcast, Jason Lambert, Field Technical Consultant – Microsoft Azure, Ingram Micro is introduced as “a field technical consultant for a leading cloud service provider.”

In Lambert’s 51-minute “Cloud 101″ presentation, titled “What the Cloud can do for your Business!” there’s no mention of Ingram hosted services or any of the myriad of cloud services on Ingram’s line card. What the presentation does contain is a detailed explanation of the cloud in laymen’s terms. For example, when explaining private, hybrid, and public cloud offerings, Lambert uses the analogy of a home (private cloud), condo (hybrid), and hotel (public) to illustrate the differences.

The webcasts can be viewed via a web browser or downloaded and viewed offline using the free WebEx ARF Player (which also has the ability to covert files to WMV or Flash SWF formats).

For Ingram partners, there are a couple of additional benefits worth noting. First, you can sign up for Ingram’s Partner Enablement program (free) and invite customers and prospects to attend the live webcast presentations. Those watching the event live can submit questions to the presenter to clarify/address anything they didn’t understand or that wasn’t covered during the event. Plus, Ingram shares the registration details with the partner who referred the attendee to the event for follow-up afterwards.

The webcasts are happening a couple of times a month and topics include: business continuity and disaster recovery (today at 10 am PST) , cloud-based business phone systems (Nov. 12), security, virtualization, RMM, and more.

Check out IngramMicroCloud.com and discover for yourself all the free resources available that can simplify your job of educating customers and prospects about the cloud, so you can shorten your sales cycles and close more deals.

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