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Embrace the Growing Demand for Hybrid Mobile Solutions


Oct, 14


Embrace the Growing Demand for Hybrid Mobile Solutions

Integrated Solutions International (ISI) has been in business since 1992 and since its inception has specialized in mobile communication solutions ranging from field sales and field serISI Logovice to route accounting and transportation & logistics. If there’s one conversation VP of Sales Mike Sweeney has gotten comfortable with over the years it’s explaining the long-term value (i.e. TCO) of rugged devices over consumer-grade technology.

“But after years of quoting those stats like scripture and seeing that clients were becoming less and less convinced, we had to admit the inevitable — the world was changing. “Five years ago, the UPS and FedEx delivery people had the coolest technology, but today consumers are using the coolest technology, and they’re demanding to use that technology at work. Service providers have to continuously embrace new technology, adapt, and innovate.”

ISI spent several months talking to a few of its closest customers to get a deeper understanding of the products and offerings they were most interested in and to determine how it could adapt consumer products to its business model.

After gathering enough feedback, ISI developed a turnkey, hybrid solution that’s platform-agnostic and device-aware. ISI accomplishes this by adding a software layer to its mobile solutions that delivers capabilities such as “self-healing” and “intelligence.” For example, ISI’s customization enables mobile devices to recognize installation problems (e.g., unintentionally downloaded file, corrupt file, wrong version of the software). “Do you think a delivery driver is going to be able to deal with a SQL error or a bad index error on a handheld?” says Sweeney. “The software should be smart enough to deal with those issues in the background. And it should be designed so a user can be trained in 5 minutes.”

This intelligence layer is especially important when it comes to implementing consumer devices (i.e. BYOD), which lack some of the features built into rugged devices. For example, one of ISI’s recent installations entailed developing a solution to enable smart phone cameras to capture and decode driver’s license bar codes. “A rugged Motorola device would have already had this functionality built-in, but iOS and Android devices do not,” says Sweeney.

With 30% revenue growth in 2013 and 50% revenue growth projected this year, it’s clear Sweeney’s paradigm shift from “rugged only” to selling solutions that support rugged, hybrid, and consumer mobile devices is in line with customers’ needs. You can read more about ISI’s recipe for success by checking out “The New Mobile Sales Mantra: It’s Not One Or The Other — It’s All Of The Above.”

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