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The Smart Way to Sell Against Consumer-Grade Technologies


Sep, 14

The Smart Way to Sell Against Consumer-Grade Technologies

There are two types of companies that use consumer-grade technologies to run their businesses: those who don’t know there’s a more viable option and those who don’t care whether a more viable option exists or not. For the latter, you’re probably better off referring them to the nearest “trunk slammer” and wishing them good luck. But, if they’re merely uneducated about the matter, Intronis VP of Sales Rob Merklinger offers the following four talking points in his latest blog, “How To Sell Against Consumer-Grade Technologies.” Following are the topics (bolded) of each of the talking points presented in the article along with my comments:

1. Lack of Security. Sure, many freemium collaboration services have some security, but business grade solutions have a greater quantity of security features as well as more granular security, such as enabling file and folder password protection and defining more specific access controls for collaborators.

2. Reliability and Regulations. If you’re talking to a customer in healthcare, banking and finance, or legal, start with this point. Consumer offerings don’t brag about compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or PCI DSS for a reason — they’re not designed to comply with such standards. Also, reliability (which is arguably a separate point) is an important differentiator, especially when you’re talking about freemium cloud backup solutions and data recoverability. A discussion with your customer about their RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective) requirements should help clarify the differences between consumer-grade and business-grade offerings.

3. Anytime, Anywhere Access. It’s not that consumer-grade collaboration solutions don’t allow you to access documents from lots of devices and from multiple computing platforms. The big differentiator is that business-grade solutions allow you edit documents from any device without requiring the user to first download the document to the desktop.

4. Manageability Matters. Merklinger says it best with this one:

“With consumer-grade your options are few when it comes to customization of the service and manageability. With a business-grade solution you can set device policies that can, for example, wipe the data in the event of a breach and pinpoint who accessed what and when.”

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